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We offer mathematics instruction for a number of standard courses leading up to (and soon to include) calculus.  Budget problems have forced many colleges and universities to cut many sections, which can make it difficult for students to get into courses they need to complete their studies in a timely manner.  We offer an alternative - you can master the mathematics you need in an affordable, self-paced format, in the comfort of your home! 

What We Offer

Our stand-alone courses can be used to master the course material, and certificates of completion can be obtained, along with letters for your counselor describing the material you've mastered. These same course materials, published by Content on Demand, are used at many colleges and universities across the United States. Now you too can benefit from these revolutionary instructional materials developed by pioneers in online mathematics instruction.

MasterMathNow.com courses, being self-paced, can also easily be integrated into a home-school curriculum.

Our courses can also be used as a tutoring resource to help you in a course you're already taking. Complete with videos and interactive lessons, these courses can help clarify difficult concepts, and help you gain confidence in your mastery of the material. 

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MasterMathNow.com was started by Professor Rafael Espericueta, a professor of mathematics at Bakersfield College for over two decades.  Rafael began developing online math instructional materials for his own online classes in the mid 1990's, very soon after the advent of the World Wide Web.  He has taught over a hundred sections of online mathematics courses, from basic math through calculus and linear algebra. 

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Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our tutorial self-paced courses.

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